All about moi

So you want to know more about moi?
I’m not remarkable or interesting in any way.
I’m not talented. I sing like a shrilling cat and there are crippled people who dance better than I
I don’t play any instruments.
I’m not creative or artistic.
I’m not athletic, considering I have the body of a dwarf
I prefer to think of myself as ‘not ugly’ but I’m far from handsome
I’m not sensual or charismatic.
I’m not romantic. In fact, I’m repulsed by public displays of affection.
I’m not very popular. In fact, I barely have a social life..
I’m not a genius, nor am I uniquely intelligent.
I’m not political.
I’m not religious.
I’m not a hipster, a gamer, a sci-fi nerd, a vegetarian, a biker, a quirky bohemian or anything that would notably distinguish me from the rest of the faceless masses.
And I don’t attempt to be edgy or contrarian for its own sake.
So who am I?
I like to write. As aforementioned, I don’t have an extensive social network so I jot my thoughts in order to provide myself an outlet.
I’m a news junkie. I’ve kept up with current events since I was two years old, and a large portion of my posts consist of my own opinions regarding the 411 in politics, social trends, pop culture, etc etc.
I like to read. Unfortunately, I’ve haven’t read many novels lately, as I’ve (for some reason) invested my attention in non-fictional works and news articles..
I’m a history buff, which would explain why my preferences in cinema tend to be anachronistic
I love indulging in the taste and rhythms found in the plethora of cultures around the world. Even if I am not strongly rooted in my own ancestral heritage.
I don’t believe there is any ‘purpose’ in life and I’m not disturbed or haunted by this fact. To me, life is like being immersed in an ocean and floating along the current. Where ever life takes you, enjoy the ride.
I don’t know what else you want to know. Either way, you’re free to comment on any of my posts. Ask as many questions as your heart desires and I will guarantee a response for each of them. Thank you