My Disorganized Thoughts about Fidel Castro’s Death

  • Whether you love him or hate him, you’ve got to admit that Fidel Castro was a fucking badass! The CIA has been attempting to assassinate him for sixty years and that cigar-smoking bastard managed to outlive all his Cold-War era enemies!


  • I don’t think anyone has had a more glorious, majestic beard than he


  • Liberdownload-14als and Leftists who insist on overlooking Castro’s human rights violations by repetitively chanting about “Free Healthcare and Education in Cuba” are just futilely defending an broken ideology. Just quit it before you embarrass yourselves any further!


  • What kind of eulogy would Justin Trudeau give for Bill Cosby? “He was a gracious host who had the courtesy to wine and dine his victims”#Trudeaueulogies

Nevertheless, even as a heterosexual guy, I still think he’s yummy!

  •  Not to minimize the atrocities committed by Castro’s regime, but I don’t think he’s any  worse than Augusto Pinochet, Manuel Noriega, Anastanio Somoza, Carlos Castillo Armas or even Castro’s predecessor, Fulgencio Batista.


  • In case you’re wondering,  the guys mentioned above are Latin American dictators and autocrats who were backed by the United States government. Remember that the next time you come across some hyper-patriotic blowhard pontificating on America’s virtuous endorsement of democracy and freedom.


  • I’m glad I don’t leave in Miami. Florida Cubans have every right to celebrate (and no, I don’t think it’s wrong to celebrate a person’s death) but I cannot stand noise pollution!