“My Culture is not a Costume”

Halloween is fast approaching which means self-victimizing memes, like to the one below, are destined to flood your social media wall

As the risk of sounding like I’m overdosing on ‘member berries, I can’t

‘Member when there weren’t any Mexicans? Oh I ‘member!

help but recall a time when Halloween was simply a playfully innocent holiday. Halloween is supposed to be about haunted houses, ghost stories, sugary treats (that may or may not cause cavities) and slutty vampires(who may or may not put out).

When did White Guilt come into the picture?

I’ve grown unbearably frustrated with this trend of manufactured fake outrage permeating every aspect of our society. We can’t even discuss a bloody TV show without bringing up the lack of racial diversity amongst the characters! Yes, I realize the cast of Seinfeld is whiter than Mitt Romney in a snowstorm. Who cares! It’s a well-written sitcom performed by skilled actors with impeccable comedic timing. I’d understand if a ‘show about nothing’ is not your cup of tea. However, suggesting some bizarre racial quota is an indication of your own racial bias.

I’m of South Asian descent, but you don’t need my approval if you want to dress up as a genie or a maharajah. It’s Halloween. You’re free to wear any costume.

Ive never heard of any complaints over someone who had the audacity to don a cowboy outfit . Accusations of appropriating Texan culture are completely nonexistent.

I will concede that racism is an ongoing problem that should be addressed. We’ll never get anywhere by cloistering ourselves in an echo chamber so by all means, let’s talk about racial profiling. Let’s talk about police brutality. Let’s talk about the stigma of driving while black…or flying while Muslim. And let’s talk about  the shockingly regressive tone of the Donald Trump campaign!

However, highlighting trivial matters like Halloween costumes is a infantile distraction from crucial issues regarding racial relations.

Bigotry and xenophobia are deep, visceral wounds in American history. Although we as a nation have come a long way from the Jim Crow era, our country is still healing. Unfortunately, our fake outrage culture is only succeeding in pouring salt on those wounds. The more salt poured, the further we regress.


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