‘Participation Trophies’

Millennials are consistently disparaged for being narcissistic and over-entitled. According to media pundits and mall-walking retirees, we’re just a bunch of basement-dwelling losers parasitically scavenging for hand-outs. I mean, why else would we have passionately supported Bernie Sanders during the primaries?

Now according to those same insightful journalists, the root of our ineptitude and entitlement is traced to the numerous ‘participation trophies’ we undeservedly received as children.

Many claim that participation trophies foster an delusional sense of accomplishment. After all, if we reward kids just for showing up, they won’t have any incentive to put in any effort, thus, they’ll grow up to be unsuccessful losers.

Obviously, most people misunderstand the objective behind participation trophies. When preschool-aged children first venture out into the world, it’s very easy for them to feel intimidated and discouraged

For example, at a soccer match, a child may feel that his/her skills don’t match up to his/her fellow teammates, and therefore, he/s may be reluctant to participate in the game.

Because of their lack of self-worth, a child may feel disinclined to try anything new. Childhood is a very important stage for one to step out of his/her comfort zone. The goal behind participation trophies is to enable positive enforcement.

Rewarding a child with a participation trophy sends a message along the lines of “Hey, I know it’s always hard when you try to do something new. You may have not been the best player but I think it’s really cool that you gave your best effort. And who knows, maybe next time, you’ll do even better and probably win that big trophy”.

Millennials are the most highly educated generational group. And considering the contributions Millennials have made in both technology and the arts, we’re far from being spoiled underachievers.

We, Millennials, came of age during one of the worst economic crisises the world has ever witnessed. Let’s not forget that the Global Recession was the direct result of numerous ill-conceived policies implemented in the spirit of the Gordon Gekko philosophy.

Turns out greed isn’t good!

But somehow, Baby-Boomers and Gen Xers are immuned from being criticized for their avarice and carelessness. It is an undeniable truth that youngest generation of any era will always be the scapegoat for all the world’s problems


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