The Grandiosity of Being ‘Politically Incorrect’

Throughout his campaign, Donald Trump has elevated himself as the field marshal in the holy crusade against political correctness. He has gathered an army of angry voters through his fiery rhetoric, denouncing the political left for promoting cultural decadence in the name of diversity and tolerance. 

A myriad of politically right-leaning journalists, media pundits and bloggers have also pontificated on the folly of political correctness, echoing Trump’s reactionary rallying cry to ‘make America great again’. Millennials, the humanoid punching bags for anyone over 40, are accused of being the useful idiots for this obscene leftist ideology.

What exactly is political correctness? I’ve actually used that term in a number of my own posts to highlight various forms of censorship imposed on movies, books and other works of art in order to irrationally appease political and religious sensibilities. If you’ve read my blog for long enough, there’s no question that I’m an ardent proponent of free speech, which I believe is the currency in our globalized market of ideas. 

However, the term ‘political correctness’ has been co-opted to refer to anything that contradicts the narrative of the so-called Alt-Right, a 21st century rehashing of Know-Nothing Nativism. Anyone who dares to espouse a nuanced view on the Syrian migrant crisis, immigration, women’s rights, racial relations or Islam is shamefully branded with the scarlet ‘PC’.    

Similarly to the fanatical Puritan society portrayed in Hawthorne’s timeless novel, the ‘alt-right’ and their allies elevate themselves in moral superiority. After all, they are the custodians of Western Civilization, which the PC left has infiltrated from their Trojan horse to poison with multicultural venom.

Although they overtly offer lip service to our timeless virtues of free speech and the free exchange of ideas, they retreat to their fortified echo chambers upon encountering a dissenting opinion. I suppose no one can break free from the cushions of their ‘safe spaces’. 

Nevertheless, these valient warriors against PC culture wear their ‘political incorrectness’ as a badge of honor. After all, to be anti-PC is the pillar of nonchalant edginess. 

And that shit can really get you laid!

So if you want to join the elite ranks of the Politically Incorrect brigade, you must follow these Ten Commandments: 

1) Recite the Anti-PC shahada: “There is no world more civilized than the Western World, and Donald Trump is its savior”

2) Staunchly assert that Islam is monolithically evil and refer to anyone who contradicts your statement as a ‘Islamic Apologist’

3) Use snarl terms like ‘Cultural Marxist’, ‘Apologist’, ‘Race-Baiter’, ‘Regressive’ as frequently as possible. You don’t have to know what they mean. Just intersperse them in every other sentence.

4) If someone successfully refutes your assertions, just shrug and claim that you were being sarcastic

5) Slut-shame any blogger or media personality promoting a feminist cause. If someone dares to criticize your asinine behavior, accuse them of being a ‘white knight’

6) Play the victim card when someone calls you out on your bullshit 

7) Express your heartfelt patriotic zeal by maligning ethnic minorities, immigrants, women, the handicapped and babies

8) Infuse identity politics and nationalistic rhetoric in every political discussion

9) Ignore the plight of the working poor, unless the topic of immigration is brought to the forefront

10) Make 4chan your homepage


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