Why Women are not Funny

Now, before you accuse me of male chauvinism and organize a platoon of feminists for my castration, I beseech you to hear me out.

No no, I don’t think the entire female gender is genetically disinclined from cracking a witty joke. And yes, I am aware that there are successful female comedian like Sarah Silverman and Amy Schemer. In fact, one of my favorite comics is a lesser-known, Los Angeles-based comic named Monrok. Plus, I’m a huge fan of Garfunkel & Oates and…wait, I shouldn’t have to defend myself!!

Anyway, it’s no accident that comedy is a male-dominated profession. The reason for this phenomenon has nothing to do with the no-vagina policy implemented by 99% of comedy clubs around the country.

If you’ve read this blog long enough, you’re aware that I don’t trend the lines of political correctness. The truth is, on average, guys are funnier than chicks.

There have been several reasons proposed to explain this contradiction to biological egalitarianism.  Vanity Fair’s Christopher Hitchens suggested an evolutionary explanation in one of his column pieces. He explained that while women are already desirable to men by their physical attributes alone, men are pressured to boost their sexual capital. A man’s sense of humor elicits the impression of a good-natured mate who make the woman feel comfortable and at ease. Thus, men skilled in the art of stand-up comedy were undoubtedly more successful in procreating.

In other words, guys are horny to be funny!

Some have proposed a psychological explanation. When a woman feels emotionally overwhelmed, she breaks out and cries. Occasionally, she’ll even sob a river of tears. The more she cries, the more sympathy she’ll evoke from her peers. Men don’t have this option. If we shed a tear, we’re branded as ‘pussies’ by both genders. Men generally lack healthy methods of dealing with our emotional burdens, which explains the higher proportion of male suicides, in comparison to our female counterparts.

It makes sense. Comedy is often rooted in depressing topics. Beneath the layers of rib-tickling laughter is the inner core of melancholy and anguish.

Humour is therapeutic. In fact, for many, it’s the only effective form of therapy. Rather than laying on a leather couch, pouring out one’s burdens and insecurities to an paid stranger, some find it more helpful to revamp their inner distress into a light-hearted, amusing story. The resulting laughter from their peers (or audiences) is a practical alternative to a 90mg dose of Prozac.

I’m certain more theories have been introduced to explain the gender humor gap. Of course, at the end of the day, humour is genderless. What’s funny is funny whether the joke is uttered by a guy or a girl.




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