Film Review: Suicide Squad

Yesterday, my cousins and I had planned to catch the 4;45pm screening of Jason Bourne. Unfortunately, that movie sold out so we opted for the 5:30pm screening of Suicide Squad. 

Surprisingly, the film had exceeded my expectations. Although that’s not saying much, considering I was anticipating two hours of boredom and cringe.suicide-squad-movie-characters-calendar

Suicide Squad was not completely atrocious. But it was far from a cinematic masterpiece.

The writers of Suicide Squad employ an novel tactic, averting the conventional superhero tropes, steering our sympathy towards the archetypal ‘bad guys’.

Viola Davis, known for playing the sociopathic lawyer-professor on How to Get Away With Murder, takes on a similar role as Intelligence Operative Amanda Waller. Unapologetically manipulative, Waller proposes a strategy to her colleague that involve the recruitment of amoral mercenaries and psychologically-unstable criminals, currently locked under maximum security, as disposable assets for high-risks missions. She claims the nation is facing a dire threat akin to World War 3. This threat is never explicitly defined. And it’s not clear why an army of self-interested villains qualifies as the appropriate antidote .

This ill-conceived battalion includes mercenary hit-man Deadshot, played by Will Smith, whose only yearning is to rekindle the relationship with his estranged daughter; the deranged, yet sexually alluring Harley Quinn, whose love for a severely tame version of ‘The Joker’ knows no bounds; ‘El Diablo’, a pyrokinetic ex-cholo hesitant to join as he seeks to cleanse himself of his regrettable sins; Captain Boomarang, a notorious Australian thief, and the monstrous Killer Croc, who’s half-crocodile, half-Black stereotype. This newly-formed platoon is tasked with deadly mission. Hence, they are designated ‘The Suicide Squad. Amanda Waller firmly informs her soldiers that they had a small bomb implanted in their necks and if they disobey orders, the bomb will detonate.

Another intended recruit of Waller was Dr. June Moore, who is possessed by a witch-goddess known as ‘The Enchantress’. Unfortunately, The Enchantress went
rogue and summoned her brother, whose spirit was locked away in Waller’s bedroom for some reason. The sibling duo sought to take revenge on all of humanity. And that’s where our aforementioned troop of societal misfits and delinquents come in. They are assigned the nearly-impossible
mission of defeating The Enchantress.

The film’s formidable cast had compensated for    images (3)the rather poorly-written screenplay. Will Smith portrayal of Deadshot was exceptional. He exhibited the range of emotions of a man imprisoned in moral ambiguity,  conflicted between renewing his relationship with his daughter and his occupation as an opportunist hitman. Margot Robbie captured a frightening yet beguiling blend of magnetizing lust and manic psychosis. Viola Davis, as expected, perfectly depicted her Machiavellian alpha-female role with natural ease.

jared-leto-the-joker-b4aa25c3-4307-4b80-aca9-6bbfbe4a9aafHowever, Jared Leto’s portrayal of the Joker was gravely disappointing. First, he received very limited screen time. Second, Leto’s depiction was dull and unimaginative. Perhaps due to my nightmares from Heath Ledger’s Joker in The Dark Knight, I was expecting Jared Leto have that similar effect. Instead, he came across as some sexually ambiguous gangster endowed with a lot of bling-bling.

The flow of the plot was awkwardly uneven, with a string of action sequences unnecessarily squished within a short span of time. Some of the dialogues were refreshingly comical. However, I wish the screenplay would have refrained from commenting on the irony of evil fighting evil.

“We’re bad guys”, the characters reiterate ad nauseum.

Yeah, yeah, we get it. You’re the bad guys and we’re rooting for you anyway. I mean, just becauseimages (2) the majority of the audience are DC Comics fanatics, doesn’t mean we’re all stupid!

Anyway the conclusion is uninspiringly predictable, which is expected for any superhero movie (even one revolving around supervillians). So whatever….

I wouldn’t watch Suicide Squad in theatres. Seriously, it’s not worth the money. You could rent/stream and watch it with a group of friends (especially, if you guys love watching terrible movies together). Personally, I’m amazed that a cast of well-respected, accomplished actors would agree to perform in such a sloppily-scripted movie


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