I’m Not ‘Feeling the Bern’, However…

There is very little to dislike in Bernie Sanders. He’s basically an elderly, balding, Bronx-bred version of Jefferson Smith. He’s genuine, honest, idealistic and quite charming. He embodies all the traits of a literary every-man. His working-class mannerisms and lack of elitist snobbery contrasts with his colleagues in Washington. His voting record confirms consistency throughout his entire career. In fact, even his hairstyle hasn’t changed in the last thirty years!

The entire country should be ‘feeling the bern’. However, the majority of Americans are not..The mainstream media’s interests in propping corporatist candidates has resulted in the constant denigration of Bernie Sanders as a tax-and-spend socialist who has no business pursuing the office of the presidency. Therefore, candidates like Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have been dominating the polls.

I voted for Bernie Sanders during the Michigan primary. However, my vote was less of a token of support for Sanders and more of a snub against Hillary Clinton and the entire Republican Party. After all, this is what elections have become: a vote against the greater of two evils.

Unfortunately, despite my vote for Bernie Sanders, I don’t think he is a formidable candidate for president. He’s just preferable to those two-faced opportunists competing with him. Bernie Sanders is an amazing person with a tremendous insight into the strenuous economic conditions ordinary Americans are currently facing. Nevertheless, I doubt his prospective term in office would be a period of drastic, positive change.

To be a chief executive, one must initiate and maintain a unbreakable rapport with the legislative body. The only way effective laws can be passed is if POTUS and Congress cooperate as a team. Unfortunately, the political atmosphere has become intolerably polarized. Barack Obama has enough trouble persuading Senate Republican to approve his fucking nomination for a fucking Supreme Court justice! Imagine what Bernie Sanders would have to endure from the Congressional Republicans as someone who spent his entire political career advocating socialistic policies. And it doesn’t help that Sanders allegedly ‘praised’ the Castro and Sandinista regimes during the 1980’s (this has been debunked but you know Republicans are going to run with this little gem!)

So basically, if Bernie is elected, there is a chance we will have to endure four years of an dysfunctional, ideologically-charged, civil cold war!

America, fuck yeah!!

Daesh (or ISIS) has been in the news recently. The candidates have voiced their positions on how they will handle those bloodthirsty savages. Donald Trump and Ted Cruz have advocated the brilliant strategy of ‘carpetbombing them’. However, on the other side, Bernie Sanders has suggested a coalition in which the United States will work with Arab countries. These Arab countries would include both Iran and Saudi Arabia. Now, if Bernie Sanders manages to get a Wahhabi-adhering monarchy and a Shi’ite theocracy to collaborate together, he should win the Nobel Peace Prize! No debate! I’m outrageously disappointed that Sanders would advocate such an unrealistic tactic. It makes me question Bernie Sanders expertise on Middle Eastern geopolitics, thus doubting his competence in foreign policy.

Bernie Sanders bases his entire platform on combating the corporate plutocracy that has been anal-raping the general public for the past few decades. Courtesy of the neoliberal, laissez-faire policies implemented by Washington, wages have been stagnated as corporations accumulate record profits. Bernie Sanders has advocated for eliminating tax loopholes for corporations, implementing campaign finance reform, and incrementing the minimum wage to a livable salary.

Unfortunately, Sanders has also advocating for numerous pie-in-the-sky policies that will never been executed in four, or even eight, years. It is possible to achieve lower college tuition and effective healthcare reform. However, it would be completely delusional to guarantee free tuition and a single-payer health care system, especially with a Republican-dominated Congress. Insurance companies will curb any piece of reform hinting at a public healthcare option. And you can tax the top 1% at the highest possible rate, you won’t retrieve an adequate amount of revenue because those same rich cats will effortlessly hide their extra cash in the Virgin Islands (you wonder why Americans have been absent in the Panama Papers scandal).

The disdain and contempt Jefferson Smith endured as a result of false accusations is nothing compared to what Bernie Sanders will undergo. As someone who, before 2014, was a political independent, Sanders will never be accepted by the Democratic establishment. He is a political outcast in the caste hierarchy of modern American politics. And we know how untouchables are treated.




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