My Thoughts on Abortion

Over forty years have passed since the Supreme Court ruling on Roe V Wade. The topic on abortion and reproductive rights has become more polarized than ever before. The mere mention of the word ‘abortion’ can trigger a whole range of emotions from everyone and their second cousin twice removed.

These opinionated agitators have organized themselves in two camps: ‘Pro-Life’and ‘Pro-Choice’. Within these two camps, they have their own speakers and bloggers.  They’ve organize rallies, constructing their own echo chamber while vilifying the opposing side through strawman representations.

abortion-debate1‘Pro-Life’ and ‘Pro-Choice’ are nothing more than politically-loaded buzzwords devised to emotionally manipulate middle-of-the-road onlookers to their side.  So either you’re a misogynistic, religiously-fanatical fascist or you’re a baby-killing tyrant.

Because who has the time for shades of grey, right?

So, here is my perspective on abortion, which you won’t hear at these noise-polluting rallies.

I am against abortion for moral reasons.  I don’t see a fetus as just a fetus.  It is a potential human being and ideally, nothing should disturb the gestation process.  A pregnancy should not be terminated for a person’s own convenience. Nor should the fetus be killed because of its gender.  After all, look at the statistics of abortions performed in India due to the female gender of the fetus.

The feminist platitudes spouted by the ‘pro-choice’ battalion are completely anachronistic. The controversy surrounding abortion is not a woman’s rights issue.  Those talking points may have been relevant in the 1970’s, during the heyday of second-wave feminism. However, it’s 2016.  The goals of feminism have been achieved. Yet, during those forty years, new developments in embryology have highlighted the early viability of well-conceived human baby.

Considering these facts, should Roe V Wade be overturned?  I don’t really have an absolute stance. Although I strongly oppose abortion on moral grounds, I can acknowledge situation where an abortion is not only preferred, but absolutely necessary. Pregnancy is a beautiful rite of passage in a woman’s life. Unfortunately, pregnancies can also result in a woman’s death.

If a woman’s life is being threatened by her pregnancy, there is no reason why she shouldn’t have an abortion. Yes, I’m familiar with stories of women who were advised by their physicians to terminate their pregnancy, only to give birth to a healthy baby. However, those chances are incredibly slim.  The more likely scenario would be ending up like Savita Halappanavar.

And don’t give me the whole “its all part of God’s plan’ spin. Millions of people die from a myriad diseases and countless natural disasters.  All part of ‘God’s plan’? Please!

The real problem in our society is pure ignorance. Contrary to the popular adage, what you don’t know will definitely harm you. Every few seconds, a girl finds out she’s pregnant, without any intention. Our society is saturated with sexual overtones, triggering teenagers to act on their natural impulses without any foresight of the potential consequences.  Parents avoid talking to their children about sex so kids are propelled into the world with no social skills to exercise sound decision making.

And it doesn’t help that, during the Bush administration, abstinence education was being promoted in America.

I don’t have a problem with abstinence.  After all, its more prudent to wait until you meet the person with whom you would consider spending the rest of your life.  However, it is absolutely irresponsible to deprive students on information concerning safe-sex methods.

The ideal sex education class should include the whole nine yards. This course would involve an emphasis on abstinence and personal discipline combined with reliable information on contraceptives, along with an proper understanding on how healthy relationships are supposed to function.

Unfortunately, ‘Pro-Life’ advocacy organizations are usually affiliated with religious institutions. The churches’ image of sex consist of a married heterosexual couple attempting to procreate. Anything outside that box is considered to be an abomination before God.

The real world is different from the church’s preconceptions.  People have sex.  Sometimes it’s between a man and a woman.  Sometimes it’s between two men or two women.  Sometimes, its a menage o trois or an eight-way orgasmic ensemble.  It can be used as a means to procreate.  It can also be a recreation activity.

In other words, sexuality is more than two organs fitting together like pipes!

As I mentioned in my ‘About Page’, I’m not a political person and I don’t see myself writing legislative bills on abortion.  If I had a friend who was contemplating on terminating her pregnancy, I would do my best to dissuade her (unless she had a medical complication).  However, every situation is different and I don’t think there is a piece of legislation that can justly encompass them all.






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